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A Table for Six reviews page shows a sample of the lovely feedback we receive every week from just a few of our many happy members.

We hold many dinners each week and every Monday we receive many Contact Requests and a pat on the back for the professionalism we strive to achieve. We work hard creating opportunities for you to meet your match.

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A Table for Six Review - October 2018

"I just couldn’t wait for the feedback email. I had to let you know straight away about how good the evening was."

What an amazing evening! How lucky we sometimes are to experience such a night. Fireworks, a great atmosphere and fantastic company
I have to be honest - I went with little expectation about meeting a nice girl.
It’s funny how when you stop looking for something you are after, it just shows up(like when you lose your car keys or wallet).

I was introduced to a group of nice ladies at about 6pm. By 6:30pm I was heavily immersed in conversation with the lovely (Name withheld).

For the rest of the night, we never left each other’s side (except of course to go to the bathroom! Otherwise that would be weird!) and apologies to any other guy or girl who had their eye on either of us. They never got a look in.

How good a night did we have? Let’s just say that both of us probably felt feelings last night we hadn’t felt in a loooooong time.

You asked me at the nights end if I was glad I came tonight. “Glad” doesn’t even begin to cover it. She’s amazing, she’s wonderful, she’s beautiful. Right now she is probably also hungover!

~ A Table for Six male member

A Table for Six Review - October 2018

"Update to First Dinner…met an amazing man….7 months on and things are still going perfectly!"

We are both so glad that we took the step to join a Table for Six as the happiness we are experiencing is priceless. How our lives have changed for the better just by stepping outside our comfort zones and taking a chance. We spend a lot of time together, despite both being busy business owners and having 5 young adult children between us. We have been on many holidays with our first overseas trip planned for early 2019.
Neither of us had any expectations going to dinner (my first, his third) we just had a great night with good food and good company. We often talk about why it is so easy between us - not an argument yet - and we put it down to our similar values, work lives and interests coupled with open minds and positive attitudes.
Thank you so much Rhyllie for sitting us around the same dinner table to enable our conversation to start which has led us to this very special place together. We are still over the moon and very happy.

~ A Table for Six female member

A Table for Six Review - Mamma Mia, Group of 12, September 2018

"Hi Margaret,"

Well what a night to remember, one of the best nights I had with table of 12
It was fantastic and would do it again. I had two of my new friends beside me, one on each side.
Could I request the number of (Female name withheld) please?

Looking forward to the wine tour!

~ A Table for Six male member

A Table for Six Review - August 2018

"Hi Margaret,"

I can confidently be taken off this mailing list given I’m getting married tomorrow with someone I met at A Table for Six!
It was at my first dinner actually.
I proposed in Rome in front of the Trevi Fountain and she said yes!

Thank you for the introduction.

~ A Table for Six male member

A Table for Six Review - August 2018

"Good Morning Margaret,"

Thanks for a very interesting evening guys.

The topics were many and varied. Everything from sleeping indoors in a mosquito net in Papua New Guinea to getting your driver's license in five minutes. We also discussed world politics and the general state of the free world and how it is shaping up.

A great evening.The food was nice and reasonably priced. Happy to dine with these people again.

Kindest Regards
~ A Table for Six male member

A Table for Six Review - August 2018

"Hi AT46,"

Thanks for organising the dinner. It was a great night with great company.

I think we were the last to leave the restaurant and basically had to be kicked out.

Thanks again and I am looking forward to the next one.

Kind regards
~ Female Member A Table for Six

A Table for Six Review - August 2018

"Hi Margaret,"

Thank you for the follow-up mail.

This is the first dinner I attended which is amazing. I was pretty nervous beforehand cos I am not sure if I would be able to chat etc.
Midway through the dinner, I felt it's like a friends gathering which is warm and friendly.

The people in my groups are so nice that at one point I thought it would be good we would meet in a group again.
I have more confidence in meeting new people and look forward to join more dinners.

Thank you for the arrangement. Enjoyment level - 9 out of 10! :)

Regards Female Member

A Table for Six Review - January 2018

"Hi Margaret,"

I want to sincerely THANK YOU for including me in the invitations to dinner last Saturday night as it was a really fabulous evening! I thoroughly enjoyed the company of everyone present

The food was fabulous. I would definitely go there again to enjoy the food & restaurant. Overall the food was superb with variety of choice and when delivered it was delicious! I would give the restaurant a 9 out of 10. My experience of the company was perfect! 9 /10.

Thank you Margaret so very much for arranging another very memorable evening!!

A Table for Six Member

A Table for Six Review - January 2018

"Dear Margaret,"

I had a great night on Saturday. I was the last one to arrive and walking in towards the group they looked like they all knew each other, like they were friends. It was a larger group of 8 and it was actually perfect in that there were 4 men 4 women. All around my age too!

I thought we would be good to meet again as a group as we all had a good time and plenty to talk about.

The venue was great.

Thanks for organising a great group! - A Table for Six Member

A Table for Six Review - Brisbane

"Congratulations to Jane and Brian on your Engagement."

These lovely members, Brian & Jane met at A Table For Six Brisbane dinner introduction organised by Rhyllie in July 2017 in a beautiful French Restaurant. Brian took Jane back to the same restaurant exactly 6 months later and proposed. We wish you all the very best of happiness for your future together.
Regards Rhyllie, A Table for Six Brisbane

Image showing Brian - Jane & Rhyllie

A Table for Six Review - January 2018

"Hi Margaret"

Attended Bucatini, Melbourne - It was a very enjoyable evening. I really liked all the people and the conversation was interesting. My meal was delicious and the atmosphere and service excellent. I would be happy to meet again with all the people present. Smiles.

Kind Regards - Another Happy AT46 Member

A Table for Six Review - January 2018

"Hi Margaret"

Hope you had a lovely Christmas and new year.
Could I request my membership to be popped on hold. Over the break I have continued to see AT46 Member, that I met at the dinner in December. Seems we intend to continue and see how things go, and had half a dozen dates since.
I am very much looking forward to this opportunity as AT46 Member is such a beautiful person with all the qualities I have been in search of.
Thank you for the introduction,
Regards AT46 Member

A Table for Six Review - December 2017

"Hi there Margaret"

Just want to say Happy New Year to you ! I do hope you have had a lovely break with your family and friends! When thinking back on 2017 it was a big year dating wise it saw the start of my next chapter that is actually going out on dates ! After 36 years of being with the one man it's quite a challenge to even start doing this ! Both mentally and physically ! It was only towards the final qtr of the year that I began to even meet men Whom I could say I was attracted to and looking back it's actually through T46 ! So thank you so so for making that work for us and I am sure many others . So I am so looking forward to future dinners and meeting a man that takes that to another level ....

A Table for Six Review - November 2017

"Thank you Rhyllie"

I have been a little apprehensive about getting back out into the dating scene so when a friend suggested "A Table for 6" I thought this sounded like a great opportunity to meet new, like minded people. It was the first group dinner for most so I think we were all a little nervous at first however, being in such a lively restaurant helped to create a relaxing atmosphere where we were able to chat and get to know each other better. I'm certainly looking forward to my next AT46 dinner. 42 year old Female Member AT46 1st dinner

A Table for Six Review - April 2017

"Great Way To Meet People"

I’ve been with A Table For Six for about six months and have been very pleased with it. Indeed, I’m currently dating a lovely lady I met at AT46. I’m not one for internet dating. I love the concept of meeting real people, all known to be seeking a new relationship, in the setting of a restaurant dinner. The dinner guests are well chosen and we invariably have lots to talk about during a fantastic evening together. The restaurants I’ve seen so far are really nice and offer great food in a great setting.

Margaret invites feedback after every d inner (on the experience, not on the other guests!), and I often get follow-up questions on my feedback, showing me that she reads it and cares. An issue I’ve pointed out but which is clearly difficult to resolve is that the dinner guests are drawn from across Melbourne, and that there might therefore be long distances to travel to build a relationship with someone I found interesting. There’s a ‘south-east suburbs’ group, but the only other choice is ‘greater Melbourne’. That’s about the extent of my negative experience – it just means it might take a few more dinners to find the right person in the right location.

I am a man in his early sixties and it’s always been easy for me to get a dinner spot. So if you are single and would enjoy a dinner with great company and a chance to meet some lovely singles, let them know that AT46 is well worth joining!

A Table for Six Review - March 2017

"Great Experiences With A Table For Six"

Wow ! Thank you so very much for the dinner on Saturday night I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and the company was just fantastic as we all enjoyed talking to each other and the conversation was interesting and many laughs were shared ! A very compatible and fun group !

The dining experience I would rate as 10 out of 10. I thoroughly enjoyed everyone’s company and we all chatted away long into the evening with absolutely no awkward moments. The group was very well matched and everyone shared very interesting stories and points of view throughout the evening so we were all engaged and comfortable. It was a thoroughly enjoyable night and I was very happy that I was invited to attend. It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening and again just added to my list of great experiences with A Table for Six ! I would enjoy seeing every one of those people again !

A Table for Six Review - February 2017

"Fantastic First Time Experience"

I’m a 40 year-old male Brisbanite, and I joined nearly 4 years ago after hearing about it from my cousin, after returning to Brisbane after 10 years. As luck would have it, I met someone at a speed dating night before a dinner happened, so I never made use of my membership.

Fast forward to the end of that relationship, and I decided to give it a shot, as the format had always intrigued me. My first dinner ended up being a table for eight, but that was perfectly fine. The other people were all really lovely, and we collectively had a really fabulous evening. I met a couple of ladies that I enjoyed talking to that I’d like to meet again.

As far as expectations went, I’d have to say that they were exceeded. We were obviously having such a good time that a solo diner on a nearby table who’d been watching us throughout the evening (turned out he was a doctor transiting through Brisbane on the way home to the US from PNG) felt inclined to shout the table a bottle of limoncello. So we invited him to come over and join in the conversation. I’m sure that doesn’t happen every time, but for me that made my first dinner all that more memorable.

I really enjoy speed dating, but I also really liked the added substance of getting to have a longer conversation and dinner, and also the fact that I could make some conversation with some guys too.

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